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Hey, I'm Kirstyn! Nice to Meet You.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Sigma Archery's Founder, Kirstyn Smith, is an active outdoors type who cherishes a good backcountry canoe paddle, hay in her hair, and a wild thunderstorm.

A Place for Everyone.

Sigma was created with the intention to bring the bewildered back to the wilderness. Through time, the expanse of a concrete jungle and nine to five work days became the social norm. I wanted to do something to help bring back people's WILD SIDE!


I wanted people to experience the essence and vibrational messages of our ancestors. The earth speaks to us when we connect with nature. We need to rewild ourselves. It’s time to act upon our primal ways, and what’s more primal than archery?!

We as humans have been practicing archery for thousands of years. The Mongolians hunted with bows made of wood, animal sinew, horns and silk. Chinese emperors found virtue in archery. They used bone for their arrowheads and used a thumb draw style to shoot from horseback - something I fondly picked up over the last couple of years.


I first started practicing archery in 2020. Just some basic barebow recurve training at an outdoor range, but the martial art came naturally to me. And since I rode horses, my logical thought, of course, was to try my hand at MOUNTED archery - ride AND shoot at the same time! I found a brand new passion and skill for a combination of two things I love so dearly. If I can introduce this sort of feeling to even one person, whether it’s archery on foot or on horseback, I can sit back, smile and enjoy the life I have created for myself and those around me.

Sigma Archery is a place for everyone. We do not and will not discriminate. You will always be welcomed into this safe space. Come visit us at the range and open up the realm to your own wild side. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Love your message.

I"ll be visiting Canada mid June. I' d like to stop by and visit.

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